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Rayscape, previously known as XVision, is the complete digital assistant that provides radiologists Artificial Intelligence tools for better decision making. We go the extra mile to stay on top of industry trends and technologies with the sole purpose of allowing radiologists to become faster, better, and more accurate in diagnosis. Rayscape brings light in the imagistic landscape.


Chest X-ray analysis

By automatically distinguishing between normal X-rays and those with anomalies, Rayscape enhances patient care by providing doctors with a quick way to triage and prioritise each patient. Our product has the amazing ability of bringing any issue to light, eliminating doubt.





Lung CTs integrated solutions

From detecting and tracking lung nodules to evaluating COVID patients, Rayscape provides an AI assistant for lung CTs that is trained in managing complex lung pathologies. Through the power of deep learning, radiologists can enhance their diagnostics process and help patients benefit from early treatments due to faster detection. Shed light where it matters most and boost the quality of your patients’ lives.




Fast integration, clearer diagnostics
Rayscape is designed to make your time count and maximise your efforts the smart way. It’s flexible enough to plug into your pre-existing infrastructure and flows without disruptions. Moreover, Rayscape is easily customisable, with both an on premise or cloud integrations.

We’re here to aid radiologists to start their new, enhanced diagnosis process easier and better than before through a focused perspective on the radiology matters at hand.

You will be allocated a dedicated team to ease your transition to Rayscape. We’ll assist you every step of the way as our deployment experts will provide all that’s needed so you can start operating quickly and enjoying the results.

" The impact of Artificial Intelligence can be seen in the accuracy of diagnosis and in the increase of the speed when it comes to drafting medical reports. The results for chest CT and X-ray investigations are augmented by AI, and medical staff is ale alerted immediately about any possible pathological lesions. The Rayscape system, through its algorithms, saves a lot of time, both for the patient and the doctor. After the investigation is done, the investigations are analyzed by Rayscape in an extremely short time and it points out the possible problem areas. Thus the results are faster and more precise. "
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